Sunday, November 16, 2008

Open Doors at the studio

The Studio is a 2 floors neo-classical building in Plaka that use to be a super-market with a decadent Bouzouki night club on top. It also has a really obscure basement in which am planning to invite my rockarollin' and my under-the-ground disk jockey friend's to play at will. The Studio is located in Plaka- right under the Acropolis. The area has this tourist "curse" that kept during decades everybody away. But Plaka - contrary to Gazi, or Keramikos, or Metaxourgio, or Kolonaki- IS beautiful... My building is the only one which is a bit ugly because of my neon lights. I tried to keep the space untouched, left the creepy souvlaki frescoes on some walls, used only whitewash to paint the walls and left all the electric wires apparent. Mostly because i can't be bothered fixing it, also because i liked the wires in Palais de Tokyo restoration. Anyway, my neighbours love me. I don't try to create another multi space, just a corner for conversations, exchanging visions and pictures between friends, a meeting points between politicians, poets and prostitutes for instance. There is nothing really to sell..its just a space with a large friedge full of champagne and beers, a big piano.. because -except churches where it's all about god- there are no spaces in the city where people can just stay for free and look at the sealing. The current event - which has basically no guidelines - started the moment i decided to open my workshop because friends were curious to see how i was working and why etc... The drawings that are currently displayed are large scale inks on rice paper, mostly talking about a rich couple facing a monstrous chaos with its long tail of useless objects and ideas.

Mnisicleous&Kyristou, Plaka Athens

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Gregos Theopsy

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